Saturday, September 8, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, The Jerk

I am amazed that anyone on 3678 even talks to Art Bell anymore. Here is a guy who has turned on all his friends and doesnt even care he has betrayed them. Here is a jerk who had Steve put in the funny farm, who had all his friends send letters and tapes to the fcc about Billy, n6ayj, for all the jamming Billy did.

Here is a two timing asshole who went public on the airwaves saying Steve and Billy are the scum of amateur radio, who said Jim, ki6gu, was nothing but a drunk and enemy to all on 3840, who encouraged everyone to not talk to any of these hams, and kept telling everyone to keep up the campaign while he was overseas to keep sending recordings, emails, ect, to Mr Riley at the fcc.

And then the two timing Art Bell comes back to Pahrump, and almost immediately leaves his so called friends on 3678 and starts talking to Jim, Billy and Steve as if they are old friends on 3720.

But then again, Jim, Ki6gu is also the same type of back stabber. Remember the nite he was on 3840 and stated to all how he would never ever leave 3840 and his friends. Then just a few nites later there he is on 3720 with back stabber Art Bell, sucking up to Art and saying how he has missed him.

I am just amazed the stupid idiots on 3678 still welcome Art to the fold, still worship his every word,still kiss his ass and still treat him as the God of the airwaves after being betrayed by Art Bell.

And you can take this to the bank. When the day comes Art Bell leaves the United States to live overseas again, Jim and Billy will reunite and attack Mr Bell in the same fashion they did while he was living overseas.

One thing this has all showed me is Amateur radio sure has some stupid, gulliable people in its ranks.



Anonymous said...

Well said.But they do love each other.Just like brothers.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

actually, this is the 'tard phenomena that's been previously noted. 'Tards can be integrated into the mainstream, with the assistance of highly trained personnel.

Hire a 'tard: it's the law.


Anonymous said...

You said it all!

Geezer said...

You're new here huh?


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